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Bench Grafts
We have bench grafts on semi-dwarf rootstock available for most of the apple varieties grown at the orchard. Grafts are made in early spring and shipped the same day. Orders must be placed by the end of March so that we have the opportunity to collect the scion wood from the orchard.

Bench grafts cost $15 per tree plus a $6 per order shipping charge. Print and fill out the form below and include a check or money order. Be sure to include a phone number or e-mail address so that we can confirm your order.

Grafting classes last Saturday of April at 1:00 pm. . Join us and learn how to make your own trees! The cost is $25.00 and includes one tree. Just pre-order the varieties you want to graft, and let us know that you will be coming to the grafting class.
(262) 679 2862

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