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Apple varieties, page 4
  • Tydeman's Late Orange

  • --
    (1930, United Kingdom) A cross between Laxton's Superb and Cox's orange Pippin. The flesh is firm. juicy, and deep yellow with a taste similiar to a Cox.
  • Viking

  • (Recent) Very flavorful and crisp with a unique flavor.

  • Wealthy, June

  • (1860, Minnesota, USA) A yellow-red, medium sized all purpose fall apple with a mildly acid flavor.

  • Westfield Seek-no-Further

  • (1796, Westfield, Massachusetts, USA) A marvelous eating apple with a crisp, complicated flavor.

  • Weston's Winter Delight

  • (New Berlin, WI) A wild seedling with a yellow skin and strong vanilla flavor.

  • White Pearmain

  • (1200's England) Oldest known English apple. It's very tart and makes excellent pies and sauce.
  • Williams Early Red

  • (USA) Very crisp, rich, vanilla flavor.
  • Winter Banana

  • (1876, Cass County, Indiana) Yellow apple with a pinkish red blush and banana like scent. Delicious dessert and cider apple.
  • Wolf River

  • (1881, Fremont, WI, USA) Large apple suitable for cooking and drying.
  • Yellow Bellflower

  • (1817, USA) Excellent choice for pies, sauces, and fresh eating. Cooks to a gold puree.

  • Yellow Transparent
    (1800, Russia) Refreshingly acidic well flavored apple. Cooks to a cream puree.

  • Zaubergau Reinette
    (1880, Wurtenberg, Germany) Largest of the russet apples with crisp white flesh and nutty flavor.

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